3 posts
by Atridad Lahiji — 1 min read

eLearning for all

I've been using the Cloudron platform for a while now, even using it to host this site, among other things. But there was a bit of a gap. While it was good for self-hosting personal sites and file hosting, it would not...

Federated Social Media

Atridad Lahiji — 1 min read

This is going to be a short one... When I embarked on my self-hosting journey, I came across an application called Mastodon. Before Mastodon, the idea of federated...

Deno is the future

Atridad Lahiji — 1 min read

I absolutely love Node.js, however it does irritate me from time to time. The ecosystem is cluttered and requires you to write Javascript in a way that...

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