Switching to iOS

August 21, 2020

I've gone to the dark side... iOS. iOS has been improving year after year and after my contract ended, I was looking to upgrade. The deal on the iPhone 11 was enticing and I decided I'd change sides for a 2 year term at least and see what all the hype is about. I've got to say, although I disagree with some of their business practices, they really understand good UX. Everything is intuitive, smooth, and easy to use. Honestly, they just make using a phone fun and nothing is ever a chore.

They also nailed performance, and even with 4GB of RAM and tonnes of apps in the background it doesn't break a sweat. And of course, iMessage is pretty much the best messaging app I've used. Now I don't really care if someone is a "green bubble" person but when someone else I know uses iMessage the experience is amazing.

Last thing I noticed is the app support. Its just amazing how much more attention developers put into their iOS apps. It is a real shame for android users but I do get why people love app support on iOS. Speaking of support, did I mention you get 5 years of updates? Yeah... thats incredible. So far so good. Maybe I'll find something to hate eventually but I have not come across anything yet.