Well, I guess its true. Now you might be thinking "they were back last gen with RTX". No. When it costs me $200 less to get an AMD RX 5700XT for the same performance as an RTX 2070 minus the useless ray tracing, I'd say they were over charging. I imaging this had something to do with poor yield of usable chips from manufacturing, and they hoped they could pass that additional cost on to the consumer. Surely RTX would be enough to save them and make it worth it right?

With this generation, NVIDIA is making meaningful improvements to RTX performance making it more of a useful feature and less of an FPS handicap for cards incase you thought your frames were just a BIT too high. Not only that, but the 3080 doubles the performance of the 2080 for 699 USD. For reference, the 2080 often sold for around 1300 CAD (do the conversion yourself). This is huge. Will I be upgrading? Hell no.

Let me explain: I have been gaming less and less. When I do game, its often something like Stardew Valley on PC/Switch or Overwatch on PS4. My needs are changing, so I think I'll stick with my RX 5700XT for a while. I've found myself experimenting with app packaging and hosting more recently instead of going right to gaming. Thats not to say that I dont want to play games. The Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 remake is out tomorrow and I have that shit pre-ordered on PS4. Why not PC? Because some games are better enjoyed with a controller while sitting on a couch. Coming back to the topic of NVIDIA, I have been contemplating downsizing my computing setup to a laptop and docking station, and using GeForce Now for game streaming. Honestly, it works quite well. Barely any latency, and I get to play the games I already own. And really, I only need it for more demanding titles. But thats just me.