Leaving GitHub

July 20, 2020

Thats it, I'm finally leaving GitHub. More specifically, I will only use it to contribute to projects that are only on GitHub. While this may seem strange, I'll explain myself.

GitHub over the years has gone through a number of changes. One of the biggest (and most infamous) was Microsoft's acquisition of the platform back in 2018. This decision alone was enough to steer me and a lot of people away. There is something inherently unsettling about a company that large purchasing the single largest platform for sharing code. Questions about access and privacy come up in my mind. What are they doing with the data on GitHub? Are my private repositories private from them as well?

My next reason is purely one of control over data. I would much rather know exactly which datacentre my code is being hosted on and who can access the backend. The answer to that second question is myself. I am the only one (theoretically) that can control access to my Git server.

What I have moved to it Gitea, which is a wonderful frontend for Git written in Go. If you are familiar with the Gogs project, Gitea is essentially Gogs if it was well maintained. The developers of Gitea actively fix the various issues the developer of Gogs has yet to address, and has quite a bit more in terms of resources. This results in a smoother and more stable experience. Furthermore, Gitea makes it really easy to integrate with tools like Drone CI, which can use Gitea as an OAuth provider for easy integration into all of your projects. I would definitely suggest checking out their project here: https://gitea.io/en-us/

EDIT: You know how I said I switched to Gitea? Well now I moved to GitLab and I'm never looking back.