Learning System Administration

February 10, 2021

SysAdmin is a rabbithole that turns out to be incredibly rewarding. And thankfully, my introduction to it was Cloudron. Learning how to manage a network, configure your firewall on an Ubuntu system, patch the system, and manage an SMTP server all helped me appreciate the effort that goes into this stuff and the true value of a platform like Cloudron. While I intend to keep using Cloudron to automate my personal setup, this has sparked an interest in learning more directly how to manage this sort of thing using cloud services like AWS.

More specifically, I've been experimenting with Terraform to deploy AWS infrastructure and Sensu to add robust and scalable monitoring. On the note of Sensu, I made a video in my series on System Administration talking about it here:

I intend to delve into these topics deeper as I think I realized something very important: This is what excites me. Managing and deploying applications brings a sense of satisfaction that nothing else in my career truly has. I intend to find any way I can to make this something sustainable for me in the long run, and this begins with learning. What this will also mean is more videos documenting the skills and knowledge I accumulate throughout this journey.

Thanks for sticking with me through this.