This is going to be a short one...

When I embarked on my self-hosting journey, I came across an application called Mastodon. Before Mastodon, the idea of federated social media was alien to me. The idea that I could host one instance of Mastodon but then communicate with people on other instances was fascinating. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram were taking over a lot of my time, and quite frankly the targeted ads and telemetry were getting more and more concerning.

I went ahead and finally deleted my Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts after quite a while of mindlessly scrolling through them and I've felt better. On the one hand, I get to feel good from a privacy perspective by not feeding personal data to another large corporation. On the other hand, it was like hitting a hard reset on followers and news feed information. Suddenly I didn't see ads from things I have liked since high-school and posts from classmates I haven't talked to for over a decade. If I need to reach out to someone I know, I just text them or use Signal.

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