eLearning for all

October 5, 2020

I've been using the Cloudron platform for a while now, even using it to host this site, among other things. But there was a bit of a gap. While it was good for self-hosting personal sites and file hosting, it would not still be ideal for educational institutions, which is an area I am very much interested in. Until about a month ago.

One of the two Cloudron core developers who goes by the name @nebulon added an app request for Moodle. I saw this as an opportunity for adding eLearning to the list of use cases for Cloudron. With the help of a number of users and @girish (the other developer for Cloudron), I have a package that has made it into the official list of Cloudron apps. Now, we have Cloudron for user management + email, Moodle as the LMS, Nextcloud as file storage, and osTicket for support software for IT teams.

Next, I am hoping to be able to help however I can to get Kaltura and Mahara up, which would solidify Cloudron as a powerful platform to set up a full eLearning stack entirely of open-source software.

I hope that this, at the very least, leads to more institutions shedding their licensing costs and adopting more open-source software in their stack, and that Cloudron can be the platform to make transitions like this more accessible.