EleutheriaPay Released!


My new project EleutheriaPay is out now and finally stable! Basically, I was looking for a good self hosted donation platform for FOSS developers but nothing I found really worked the way I wanted to or was incredibly frustrating to package up for my personal Cloudron server. I decided to make one using Vue.js and Golang!

The frontend uses Vue 2 (Vue 3 is still a bit early for me to adopt... but I'm watching). I then have a Golang backend that serves that directory and acts as the API backend for my frontend. Lastly, I wanted to avoid a DB unless absolutely necessary so I stuck with a simple .env file for config.

After some feedback, however, people wanted a dedicated Admin page, which will finally need a DB. Right now I am in the process of evaluating MongoDB for this purpose. I'll be sure to update here once I know more about how I will approach this.

Repository: https://git.atrilahiji.dev/atrilahiji/eleutheriapay

Demo: https://eleutheriapaydemo.atrilahiji.dev/

My donation link: https://support.atrilahiji.dev/